MACH-E offers the BIOZEK 15 minute COVID-19 antigen test.

Monday, September 7, 2020

MACH-E offers the BIOZEK 15 minute COVID-19 antigen test. MACH-E is the global exclusive distributor for the new 15-minute BIOZEK COVID antigen test. A new test that indicates the presence of the virus. Similar to PCR but without the additional equipment. The New Biozek Rapid Antigen test is the perfect solution for places and situations where fast COVID-19 infections need to be detected such as: airports, harbors, working environments and medical environments.

There is no additional equipment nor electricity needed to perform this test. It is completely stand-alone. Mach-E currently offers the test with a nasal swab only, but it is expected that the mouthwash version (no nasal swab required) will be available within a few weeks. 

You can download more information here or you can visit our website. For direct contact, you can email us at [email protected]