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Mach-e BV is a trading and mediation company providing services to clients worldwide. By discovering, acquiring, trading and marketing mainly medical supplies we will bring great added value to our client’s operations.
Mach-E has strong connections with large international manufacturers and is mostly active in the field of medical supplies. Mach-E is a fast-moving company that exclusively deals with high-quality products backed by applicable certificates and studies. Contact us: [email protected]

Medical Division

MACH-E has strong business relationships with global medical supply manufacturers. We have a strong position as a global medical supply. We sell Dutch products as well as products originating in other countries. From medical consumables to healthcare equipment, Mach-E has access to a ready stock of medical supplies from reputable brands across the globe. Mach-E makes sure we only work with strong and proven brands and its products should comply with all regulations applicable. MACH-E will only sell or mediate in products that are accompanied by the right certificates and clinical studies.

Biozek Division

MACH-E is the independent sales organization of Biozek. Biozek medical is a Netherlands based manufacturer with wide ranges of IVD products. It is a biotechnology company that specializes in research & development. It manufactures and distributes top-quality medical diagnostics tools. Next to this Biozek innovates immunodiagnostic tools and point-of-care diagnostic test kits for the IVD community worldwide. Each Biozek product sold by Mach-E has been extensively tested (clinical studies) and approved by renowned medical organizations. Mach-E will always deliver these certificates and reports upon request. Download our product catalog HERE.

Trading Division

Mach-E provides superior and quality assured services as well as industrial supplies, serving both the domestic and international business clients. We exceed the expectations of our customer by offering: outstanding service, quality control, increased flexibility and greater value. Our staff are unique by their expertise and their hands-on experience. We ensure our clients receive the most effective and professional service in means of competitive market price and delivery methods.

We will deliver

Thanks to our trusted suppliers and exclusivity we are able to deliver 100% of the time.


MACH-E only works with medical supplies that have proven reliability based on clinical studies.

Known markets

MACH-E works on a global scale and operates in over 50 countries.

Passion for healthcare

We build long lasting relationships with both our suppliers and clients, ensuring stability in an often hectic market.

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MACH-E primarily sells it’s Biozek Medical products to Governments, Semi-Governmental Organizations and medical Professionals.

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