Vatican receives Biozek BNCP-4-2 Rapid test cassette

Monday, April 13, 2020

From the other side of the Tiber river, an order was placed to the United States for 700 BIOZEK Covid-19 test kits. They were requested by the Vatican pharmacy and shipped on March 18. Among a number of measures that the Holy See has launched to tackle the pandemic, there is also this “warehouse” of test kits to quickly verify the positivity to the virus. The person who helped with the shipment was Paolo Zampolli, the United Nation ambassador representing Dominica. On March 12, a first sample was sent to the pharmacy. The answer came back on March 18: the tests met the required quality standards, with the approval of Andrea Arcangeli, deputy director of the directorate of health and hygiene of the Governorate, chosen by the papal entourage as a reference point in the Covid-19 emergency. The order is for 70 boxes with 10 test kits each, for a total of 700 “Coronavirus Covid Rapid Tests” produced by Biozek, a company in the Netherlands.